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KOKONO is a creative digital agency based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We are composed of creative designers, experienced developers and media wizards.


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Great strategy starts with raising the right questions, understanding the motivations and feeling the emotions. We connect the dots from insights to define detailed goals in authentic environments for specific communities. More than logic. To achieve originality we have to abandon the comforts of habit, reason, and the approval of our peers, and strike out in new directions.


One of the oldest and best known video production studios in Lithuania, 400BS, asked us to work on a brand that would represent their ideas in video processing. After dancing with snakes around fire in downtown, the place where we met, we've established a new way to showcase that set frame pictures.

Web Design

We were asked to design a print document that would be so solid, that the biggest leading business people would showcase it with pride. Extending the experience of Global Lithuanian Leaders onto the wall.

Web Development

Surfing has always been a passionate lifestyle and for the past 150 years BalticSurfHouse has been the brand that spreads that passion like no other. The official representative of BSA in Lithuania asked us to create a web experience that would fulfill the freedom spirit and attract customers of different characters, united by the passion for adventure.


We provide branding from the inside-out, so when it comes to creating a logo or other elements, we've got you covered. Effective social media success takes effective planning and creative thinking to drive customers to buy. Our expertise in consulting and training, for profit or not-for-profit businesses, allows us to be your guide.


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